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This page will contain answers to questions you may have about the more advanced features of this site, like the new Mobile version of the website, which allows you to view auction listings on the go with your Internet-capable, mobile phone's, web browser.

Q. Is Stone's Auction Co. On Facebook yet?

Yes! We are on Facebook, as another way to connect with people from around the world. Visit Our Facebook Page.

Q. Is Stone's Auction Co. On Twitter?

A. Yes We are. Click the Twitter Page link, located in the navigation on the left side of most pages on this site.

Q. I am not seeing updates on this site? What should I do?

A. If you cannot see recent updates or changes to websites, this most often means that your Internet browser has "cached" a page you have recently viewed (stored it on your hard drive) and is displaying the cached version of the page, instead of downloading the newest changes. It not uncommon for browsers to miss these changes and you'll need to refresh the page you want to view.

Reloading/Refreshing the page most often downloads the latest website changes, although some browsers need more coaxing. Clearing the browser's cache or "bypassing" it may be necessary to get the latest updates.

To refresh the page you want to view, in almost all Windows-based browsers, pressing the F5 key will be enough to reload/refresh the page, and pressing the CTRL+F5 keys will bypass the cache and download the latest page, regardless of your browser's settings.

In Apple browsers, the keys you need to press are CMD+R to refresh the page.

Wikipedia has a detailed information page (This is an external link) showing how to refresh or bypass the cache on various browsers.

It is recommended that if you have DSL or cable to set your browser to check for changes every time you visit a page, or every time you open the browser if you are on a dial-up connection.

To change this setting in Internet Explorer, click TOOLS, then INTERNET OPTIONS, on the GENERAL TAB, look for BROWSING HISTORY, and click the SETTINGS button and put a dot next to "Every Time I Visit The Web Page." Click OK and OK again. This should force your Internet Explorer to download a new copy of any page you view in your browser.

Auctioneer: Clyde Stone
Cashier: Charlene Stone
110 Stone Rd.
Riverton, WY 82501-9705
Phone: (307) 856-5506
Phone: (307) 850-5506

Star GraphicCall for your auction & consignment needs: 307-856-5506 or 307-850-5506

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Stone's Auction Company
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